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Discover Féraud !

One bottle each of red, white and rosé wines. All AOP Côtes de Provence. In a lovely wooden box. A perfect gift.

The box contains one bottle (0.75l):

Blanc de Rolle (AOP) 2019
Rosé Cuvée Prestige (AOP) 2019
Essentielle Syrah (AOP) 2015

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Blanc de Rolle (AOP) 

Rolle is one of the most demanding and stand alone varieties of Mediterranean white wines. Wines of this attractive grape variety will certainly receive more attention over the coming years. At present, Rolle is cultivated on about 7,000 hectares mainly in Provence, Italy and on Corsica. Rolle is presumably a Malvasier variety which was firstly brought to Corsica from Madeira via Spain and thereafter, in the 14th century, from Spain to Liguria, Italy. The grape is called Vermentinu on Corsica and in Italian (on Sardinia) it is called Vermentino.

Here are the tasting comments of Jérôme, our winemaker:
The color of our Blanc de Rolle is fresh and crisp, a brilliant lime-yellow. The fine nose is characterized by complex and floral aromas ranging from citrus to buds of blackcurrant. Summer fragrances! On the palate fresh, tender, elegant, finesse. A soft and crisp finish leaving flavors of white fruits, rose and lemon.

Rosé Cuvée Prestige (AOP) 

Our Cuvée Prestige is our most important wine. By "assembling" the best of our Cinsault, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Rolle grapes our Cuvée Prestige shall be the most faithful expression of our territory. A fine and well balanced Rosé Côtes de Provence.

Essentielle Syrah (AOP) 

A classic, authentic wine from the south of France. Syrah and Grenache noir. Fruity, fresh, unoaked and uncomplicated.

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