Cuvée Prestige <br> 2019

Cuvée Prestige


17,20  / 1000 ml


Incomparable Provence ! A first class Rosé, elegant, expressive, delicate. A wine that evokes holidays and truly embodies the spirit of the Mediterranean. A pleasure to share.


AOP Côtes de Provence

Grape Varieties: 35% Cinsault, 31%Syrah, 20% Grenache, 12% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 2% Rolle
Vinification: in stainless steel tanks
Alcohol: 13%
Residual sugar: 1,5 g/L
Acidity: 3,0 g/L
SO2 T: 79mg/L
Best drinking: at 8 ° now, fresh & young


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Wine description

Our Cuvée Prestige is our most important wine. By "assembling" the best of our Cinsault, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Rolle grapes our Cuvée Prestige shall be the most faithful expression of our territory. A fine and well balanced Rosé Côtes de Provence.



The colour is apricot with silvery reflections.
The nose is strong and powerful, with dominant aromas of thiols, citrus zest, spices and then raspberry.
The palate has tonicity and a beautiful aromatic intensity, evolving towards a soft and suave envelope, with aromas of raspberry and ripe grapefruit, leaving a rich and persistent finish.


Our Cuvée Prestige is an elegant and versatile wine for all types of summer cooking. Fruity and dry, serious in stature and full of summery flavours, it will accompany veal and poultry, grilled fish or meat throughout the day and elicious summer nights. Its minerality and its aromatic scents make it also a  perfect companion for spicy dishes. The perfect wine for vitamin-rich, Mediterranean or vegetarian cooking; with salads, quiche, risotto or pasta.



Fresh and dry Rosé wines from Provence are an excellent accompaniment to all kinds of fresh cheeses. Following a good rule on the subject of wine and cheese that due to the same climatic and geographic conditions wine and cheese from the same region will marry well together, we recommend a fresh and mild goat or sheep cheese, such as Etorki or Chavroux. Do also try a Brie de Meaux with the Cuvée Préstige. Alternatively, we recommend our Rosé wines to accompany hard cheeses with characteristic salt crystals. For example, a full-flavoured Gruyère - an aromatic raw milk cheese from Switzerland - or a mild Comté - a raw milk cheese from the French Jura.


Médaille Diamond : Concours International Femmes et Vins Rosés du Monde Saint Tropez  

In the very first international competition for rosés this year, which was held in Saint Tropez for the first time in this form, our Cuvée Prestige won the highest award. And not only that. As the best wine of the entire competition, it was awarded 97/100 points and received the distinction " Diamond Inoubliable " Unforgettable!

The tasting and evaluation in this new competition is carried out exclusively by female international experts in the fields of wine, oenology, viticulture, wine tourism, wine media and gastronomy.

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