Indigène <br> 2015



26,53  / 1000 ml


Our Syrah “haute de gamme“ that expresses our personal taste. Chiselled with passion and our terroir. Delivered in original wooden boxes (6 bottles).






AOP Côtes de Provence

Grape varieties: 85% old Syrah vines and 15% old Cabernet Sauvignon
Vinification: Spontanous fermentation in Provençal concrete and thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks. Aged for 15 months in barriques from Seguin Moreau
Alcohol: 14,5%
Residual sugar: 0,1 g/L
Acidity: 2,79 g/L
SO2: < 89 mg/L
Best drinking: Serve at 16-17 ° C to appreciate its balance of tannins, freshness and spices. A vintage that will age happily at least until 2025.



Wine description

For the Indigène we use just one out of our 5 hectares of Syrah. Old vines, planted in 1981 and 1983. The yields are small but the wine made of these grapes is our favorite red. Concentrated, intense and spicy, a wine that simply embodies our "terroir": the heat of the summer days, the freshness of the nights, the Mistral and the herbes of Provence. After a manual harvest, and a spontaneous fermentation (20% full bunches) in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks, we age the Indigène for 15 months in barriques (a mix of new and 2 years old ones).

A great wine to keep and drink for the next ten years. Limited to 3231 bottles and delivered in original wooden boxes (6 bottles).

Dégustation: Black cherry color with purplish highlights. A nose full of complexity, releasing delicate floral notes of violet, spices and chocolate. On the palate full, rich and smooth, finely balanced, with a structured finish, with floral notes and spicy hints.

Best in a generous glas slightly closed at the top to instantly perceive the aromas, voluptuousness and generosity of this great Syrah.


Try the wine solo, with a good book, jazz or classical music. At the table Syrahs perfectly matches with game (deer, wild boar, venison), lamb or white meats with a hint of sweetness like a rabbit or a poulet de Bresse. After 5 years the wine will reveal more complex tertiary aromas that call for elaborate dishes, such as a duck breast, a pigeon, a tender venison. A less classic choice: grilled salmon.



Syrah marries well with mature hard cheeses produced from cow or sheep’s milk. (Parmigiano Reggiano, Sbrinz, Pecorino or Manchego) and with mature and fruity soft cheeses such as Camembert, Münster or Brie de Meaux.



Our favorite partner is dark chocolate made of high quality cocoa beans. Just try a piece of dark chili chocolate and a sip of Indigène. The mix of bitter chocolate, chili notes and typical Syrah aromas (black currants, spices...) is simply delicious.


Lyon is recognised as the capital of gastronomy and good taste, and so it was only natural that the city should be a showcase for the world’s best wines.

The Concours International de Lyon has a reputation in keeping with its prestigious partners: Les Toques Blanches Lyonnaises, the Association des Sommeliers de Rhône Alpes, Metro, and Global Wine and Spirits.

The enthusiasm for this competition is widespread.
International tasters from all sectors (oenologists, sommeliers, restaurateurs, producers, wine shop owners, as well as knowledgeable consumers) have made this competition an important event on their agenda. The position of honorary president alternates between a well-known sommelier and a chef from Lyon.
In 2018, some 6860 samples from 39 countries were tasted.


At the 2018 Concours Général Agricole in Paris, our Indigène 2015 won a silver medal.

This renowned contest, which was organized for the first time in 1870, awards medals to the best french agricultural products and animal breeders.

The competition is organized within the framework of the International Agricultural Show in Paris. It is subject to state control. Due to the impartiality of the contest medals won in Paris are internationally recognized.

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