Grande Cuvée Magnum 2017

Grande Cuvée Magnum 2017


26,60  / 1000 ml


A lovely Magnum to keep or share with best friends and a wonderful gift to please everybody.  A wine to keep at least until 2030. 

AOP Côtes de Provence

Color: Red
Taste: Dry, fruity
Grape varieties: 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Syrah
Ageing: Provençal concrete and stainless steel tanks and 12 months in the new wood barrel (Seguin Moreau)
Alcohol: 14,5%
Residual sugar: 0,3 g/L
Acidity: 62 meq/L
SO2: 56 mg/L
Best drinking: At 15 ° – 17 ° now and until 2030


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Wine to the meat and delicious to the cheese

Our 5 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon are "old vines". They were planted between 1951 and 1978. 40-60 year old vines, when properly handled, give a special wines. Old vines are rooted more deeply, are more resistant to drought, produce smaller crops. The average yields decrease leading to more concentrated, intense wines in brief wines from old vines taste more intense and profound, they embody "terroir". In our case, the heat of the summer days, the freshness of the nights and the Mistral.


The color is deep purple.
The profile is rich, linking notes of vanilla, fresh spice, black fruit, garrigue.
The palate unfolds with density, depth, linking spices, dried fruits, with fresh tannins marked by mint

A wine to keep for the next five to ten years.


A joy of a wine with meat, for an evening meal or to drink on its own. Perfect to accompany roast beef or lamb, “steak frites” or strong hearty meat dishes, such as Cassoulet, beef Goulash with peppers, bacon and lentils or savoury ham. And always good to accompany a pasta dish with strong sauces such as spaghetti Bolognese.



Full-bodied red wines go extremely well with mature hard cheeses, even with the extra mature Parmigiano Reggiano made from cows’ milk, or mature Gouda. We recommend a mature sheep’s cheese with our Grande Cuvée, for example, a mild, fresh Pecorino or the Spanish Manchego. The French mountain cheese Beaufort, from the Savoyard Alps, also goes well with a glass of Grande Cuvée. Do also try a mature Camembert.

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