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Our Red for every day. Merlot, Syrah and the sun of the South. A pretty wine of character, both complex and affordable.

IGP Pays des Maures

Grape varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah
Vinification: Provençal concrete and stainless steel tanks
Alcohol: 13%
Residual sugar: 0,0 g/L
Acidity: 3,2 g/L
SO2: 49mg/ L
Best drinking: Serve at 15° – 16° now and until 2024 as the wine develops more complexity.

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Wine description

Emilia is our red "IGP"...a wine for every day, spicy and fruity...true to our belief that good wine does not have to be a luxury. Our three IGP wines - named after our daughters Carlotta, Roberta and Emilia - receive the same attention as our AOP wines, whether this be during planting,  organic cultivation, harvesting or in the cellar.

Two criteria distinguish IGP from AOP wines: The first is the classification of the field. Riverside areas are rarely classified as AOPs. More problems have been found with vines, particularly disease, near floodplains. Secondly, each French appellation defines its AOP grape varieties. In our Côtes de Provence region, these are the red varieties: Cinsault, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Syrah, Tibouren and Cabernet Sauvignon. An AOP wine must be made up of 100% AOP grape varieties grown on AOP classified plots of land.

Since the 2009 EU wine market reform the designation IGP has replaced the designation Vin de Pays as a protected geographical indication for quality local wines. Like AOP wines, IGP wines must originate 100% from a clearly defined geographical area and meet strict qualitative requirements regarding grape varieties, cultivation, yields, harvesting and ageing.  Unlike the appellation "Côtes de Provence", however, the appellation "IGP Pays des Maures" allows the production of a red cuvée with Merlot or Cabernet Franc. Great, classic Bordeaux grapes planted from the Bordeaux region by the former owners of our domain.

Until the 2017 vintage, Emilia was a cuvée of Merlot & Cabernet Franc. With the vintage 2018 we have refined "the recipe" with Syrah, our favourite grape variety.


The colour is garnet with purplish tints.
The nose is fresh and delicate, marked by blackcurrant aromas, a spicy weave and notes of dried leaves.
The palate is frank, supple, linked to young, structured and coated tannins, leaving notes of eucalyptus and gingerbread. 


A wine for every day. For an evening of "charcuterie and fromage", pizzas and pasta with spicy sauces, such as spaghetti Bolognese or penne arrabbiata. Perfect to accompany roast beef, lamb or strong, hearty meat dishes such as ‘cassoulet’, beef Goulash with peppers, bacon and lentils or savoury ham. The gourmet suggestion of the Hachette Guide: a seven-hour lamb.


Red wines of Merlot and Cabernet Franc with fruity flavours and rich, sweet textures, marry well with the sweet suppleness of Saint-Nectaire, a cow's milk cheese from Auvergne, goat's milk cheeses, such as Pecorino or Manchego, a Beaufort from the Savoyard Alps or hard cheeses, such as Parmesan or old Gouda


If you want to provide some amazement,  serve your friends a baroque experiment. Red wines with a chocolate dessert have long been a classic in France. But please do not take milk chocolate! High-quality chocolates with approx. 70% cocoa go much better with red wines, as the texture of a "real chocolate" harmonizes wonderfully with the mild acidity and roasting aromas of a good red.



Gold -Medal Challenge Millésime Bio 2020:

The 2020 edition of the Challenge Millésime Bio competition, chaired by Jean-Luc Rabanel, chef of the 2-star restaurant "L'Atelier" in Arles, awarded Emilia a gold medal.

The Challenge Millésime Bio contest, the official competition of the Millésime Bio international trade fair, is the largest international organic wine competition. Every year, more and more winegrowers register their vintages for the biggest organic wine tasting.

Millésime Bio has been held in Montpellier since 1993. It is an international fair organized by an interprofessional association of organic winegrowers and presents only organic and biodynamic wines.

The Challenge Millésime Bio competition has been held every year since 2007. The jury is presided by great personalities from the international wine and food world. The jury's tasters come from all areas of the wine industry (oenologists, sommeliers, wine merchants, technicians, journalists and enlightened wine lovers). The rules of participation laid down (limitation of the total number of samples and the number of samples per company) have made it possible to maintain the presence of an exclusively professional jury and thus ensure an optimum level of quality.

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