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13,20  / 1000 ml


A fascinating, unoaked Provence Cuvée. Dry, fruity and fresh thanks to the Sauvignon. 


IGP Pays des Maures                

Grape varieties: 40% Rolle / Vermentino, 20% Sauvignon Blanc, 25% Viognier, 15% Semillion
Vinification: in stainless steel tanks
Alcohol: 12%
Residual sugar: 0,3 g / L
Acidity:  3,4 g/L
SO2 T: 88mg / L
Best drinking: at 9 ° and now, young & fresh

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Wine description

The 2020 Carlotta is a new wine! It is with a heavy heart that we have parted with our Chardonnay grapes, mostly due to climatic changes. At the same time, we have parted with the undoubtedly practical screw cap - entirely for environmental reasons. The eco-balance of the classic cork is simply unbeatable, as a single cork compensates for 30% of all CO2 emissions that are produced in the production of a bottle of wine.

We have made a virtue out of necessity: Viognier and Sauvignon are not the typical grape varieties of Provence. Blended with Rolle however we created a fantastic fresh wine of the IGP Pays des Maures appellation, an appellation that owes its name to the presence of Saracens in our region in the 8th-9th centuries. For the vinification we apply the same attention to Carlotta as to our AOP wines. Hand-picking, a short cold maceration, a vinification in whole bunches and a slow and gentle pressing under inert gas to protect the juices from oxidation.

Tasting :

The colour is clear, brilliant, pear-coloured with grey reflections.
The aromatic profile is complex, deep, with an exotic tonality, notes of fresh flower, boxwood flower, and aromas of white fruit and pear.
On the palate, the wine is full and unctuous, with a tender balance of spicy, fresh and mentholated notes, evolving towards a gourmet and smooth finish, marked by a note of ripe grapefruit and a sensation of dried flowers.


Carlotta goes perfectly with asparagus, seafood, trout or salmon, poultry, veal or pork as well as fresh salads full of vitamins. 



Two recommendations: A sour fresh goat cheese is almost perfect. Alternatively a mild and fruity, spicy cheese like a Brie d'Meaux (a soft white cheese from Ile de France) or a good Camembert. 

Better than cheese is a creamy milk chocolate and the scent of milk, honey and vanilla. 

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