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The “sparkling wine” from Domaine des Féraud – a rosé, of course – has been produced using the “Methode Provençal” a special kind of bottle fermentation. Fine bubbles and a persistent freshness on the palate make it an ideal aperitif for small and large festivities. 

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Grape varieties: Cinsault, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rolle
Method: Méthode Provençal (bottle fermentation)
Alcohol content: 12%

Dosage: 0% sugar added
Best drinking: at 9 °, avoid too cold temperatures, the low temperatures mask the aromas

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Wine description

 The "sparkling wine" from Domaine des Féraud - a rosé, of course – has been produced using a méthode traditionnelle (bottle fermentation). In this method, the second fermentation, and the subsequent shaking of the horizontally stored bottles, take place in one and the same bottle. Originally, this process was known as the "Méthode Champenoise".  The process of bottle fermentation and aging on the lees takes 18 months for our Annrosé.

There are two particularities in the production of our Annrosé:

Firstly, our sparkling wine is a Brut Nature, as we do not add any sugar as a dosage after disgorging. Another term for Brut Nature is Zero dosage.

Secondly, we work according to the "Méthode Provençale" that is supposed to keep the wines fresher and lighter than other methods.

Generally when making sparklers according to the Champenoise or traditional method one adds yeast and sugar for the second fermentation. If you do that you will inevitably increase the alcohol contents making a potentially heavier wine. In the Provence method we remove part of the must of the still wine which we keep in a deep-freeze storage to avoid further fermentation. Before starting the second fermentation in the bottle that must is added back in, instead of adding sugar as you would traditionally do .

The result is that after the second fermentation the wine has the “normal” alcohol level, just like the still wine. The Provence method is still at an experimental stage and the wines do not have an AOC/AOP status. They are simply called “vin mousseux de qualité”. But given the increasing international interest in sparklers from Provence we hope for an own and distinct appellation like “Rosé effervescent de Provence”.

Tasting: A delicious, light and invigorating sparkling wine that simply radiates cheerfulness and joy. Dry, fruity and fresh with an elegant sparkle. A fine nose with floral aromas and hints of white fruits.


As an appetizer, and amongst the numerous cocktail ideas using rosé sparkling wine, we recommend a Brut Annrosé with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. A very elegant version of "rosé pamplemousse" - a "must" in France at private parties, exhibition openings or even to toast in the New Year.

The gastronomy esteems rosé sparkling wine or champagne increasingly as versatile food companions and not only as an elegant appetizer. Dry, sparkling wine – such as Brut Annrosé - gets along with exotic spices such as saffron, cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg as well as cumin, coriander or turmeric. Curries with fruit or vegetable chutney or Tajines are simply wonderful in combination with a sparkling rosé. An excellent partner is steamed fish, perhaps flavored with ginger. Amazingly positive is the combination with soy sauce. Last but not least: a sparkling rosé is always perfect for those meals for which beer is recommended such as sauerkraut, fried potatoes or savory pancakes. Simply take Annrosé to your next picnic with roasted chicken, spicy sausages and freshly baked bread. Our dessert favourites to accompany Brut Annrosé are fresh, red summer berries, slightly tart dishes with blood orange or rhubarb and, of course, a grapefruit sorbet.


The combination of rosé sparkling wine and cheese is not often found, but it works just fine, provided the rule is followed of proposing just one cheese and not a whole selection. Our personal recommendation is fresh goat cheese, a Saint-Nectaire or ricotta cheese with red fruits.

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