Blanc de Rolle <br>2017

Blanc de Rolle


18,00  / 1000 ml


Already our favourite wine for this summer. Le Concours Général Agricole à Paris: «Un bijou de technologie, élégant, fin, bel équilibre»

AOP Côtes de Provence

Colour: White
Closure: pressed cork with natural cork rings (BOURRASSÉ Fusion)
Grape varieties: 100% roll / Vermentino
Ageing: stainless steel tanks; 5% in 2 year old barrique
Alcohol content: 13 %
Residual sugar: 0,5 g/L
Acid: 63,21 meq/L
SO2: 109 mg/L
Best drinking: at 8 ° now and until 2021

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Wine description

Rolle is one of the most demanding and stand alone varieties of Mediterranean white wines. Wines of this attractive grape variety will certainly receive more attention over the coming years. At present, Rolle is cultivated on about 7,000 hectares mainly in Provence, Italy and on Corsica. Rolle is presumably a Malvasier variety which was firstly brought to Corsica from Madeira via Spain and thereafter, in the 14th century, from Spain to Liguria, Italy. The grape is called Vermentinu on Corsica and in Italian (on Sardinia) it is called Vermentino.

Here are the tasting comments of Jérôme, our winemaker:
The color of our Blanc de Rolle is fresh and crisp, a brilliant lime-yellow.
The fine nose is characterized by complex and floral aromas ranging from citrus to buds of blackcurrant. Summer fragrances!
On the palate fresh, tender, elegant, finesse. A soft and crisp finish leaving flavors of white fruits, rose and lemon.

Our Blanc de Rolle is a wonderful companion for fresh fish, seafood, lobster and scallops. The perfect wine to spaghetti vongole or risotto frutti di mare. Lively to summer salads (salade niçoise). Elegant and inspiring with vegetable soups and white meat, especially veal.



We suggest you to try our Blanc de Rolle with cheese from Sardinia. The herbs of the evergreen pastures of Sardinia make a great food source for wonderful sheep and goat cheeses and cheese made from cow's milk. The world's most famous cheese from Sardinia is the pecorino. Other popular cheeses from Sardinia are the Provolette (cow's milk) and the usually only short-ripened goat cheese Caprini.


Gold Medal: 2018 Concours Général Agricole in Paris
This renowned contest, which was organized for the first time in 1870, awards medals to the best french agricultural products and animal breeders. The competition is organized within the framework of the International Agricultural Show in Paris. It is subject to state control. Due to the impartiality of the contest medals won in Paris are internationally recognized.

For more than thirty years, the Œnologues de France have been organizing a national wine tasting competition every year to highlight the French wine regions. The jury, composed exclusively of oenologists, grades, comments and rewards the wines with the highest scores.

The wines are tasted according to their category (origin, type, color), the samples being placed beforehand in an identical packaging concealing their form and guaranteeing their anonymity. The appreciation of the wines will be descriptive and will include comments on the visual aspect, the olfactory aspect, the taste impression, the harmony and the typicity of the product.

Only 30% of the samples compared to the number of wines entered are selected for the final phase. These samples must reach an optimal level of taste and expression.

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