Method of producing rosé wine

Our method of producing rosé wine

Rosé Wine Production

Part of the reason that rosé from Provence has been so dominant in the conversations about rosé, is because of the way the wines are procduced. Rosé is less terroir-driven than white or red wine. The final product is much more contingent upon the choices the winemaker decides during the production process - from the grape varieties selcted, to when the grapes are picked, to the length of time the juice is in contact with its skins (which determines the colour), to the extraction process. In principal, there are two


different methods of producing rosé wines. At Domaine des Féraud – as in general nowadays in Provence – we use the “press method”. As such we ferment rosé wine in the same way as white wine where the red grapes used lose their pigments during pressing. The second method, the so-called “Saignée method”, begins by fermenting rosé wine in the same way as red wines.

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