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Throughout the year, the Domaine des Féraud offers you wine tourism experiences. On this page we regularly inform you on upcoming events.

A visit of the winery, a tour through the vineyard along our "Sentier de Féraud", jazz, concerts, exhibitions, our bar à vin, a glas of wine at the pool, a game of pétanque on the boules pitch...there are various ways to discover our domaine.

Our Caveau de Vente where you can taste all our different wines is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

Visits to the winery can be organized from Monday to Saturday from 11am to 3pm by reservation. Reservations can be made via info@DomaineDesFeraud.com.

As of 2021, we are offering two new tours around the estate:

The "Sentier des Féraud" invites you to take a walk, share our passion for winegrowing and admire the landscape of our nature reserve. During this initiatory trip we will explain the history of the vineyard, its flora and fauna, and of course our commitment to organic and sustainable viticulture.

The "Maraîcher des Féraud", our fruit and vegetable garden, organic of course, and oriented towards the concepts of permaculture and urban gardening. Laurent Aubry cultivates it according to the rules of organic agriculture and the ancient wisdom of mixed farming using crop rotation. Our vegetable garden produces all year round. In winter, cabbage and onions and in summer, the whole variety of Mediterranean herbs and vegetables: eggplants, tomatoes, courgettes, carrots, pumpkins, melons, peppers, cucumbers, basil, sage, rosemary. All the ingredients for a "Ratatouille à la Féraud".

There are also other suggestions for getaways close to the estate for gourmets and nature lovers.

Don't hesitate to contact us to organise your events, weddings, seminars, professional or family...our space is designed to welcome your most beautiful moments.

Contact : info@DomaineDesFeraud.com

Jazz @ Féraud : Le Bar à Vin

Our wine-bar : Every month, on a Thursday or Friday evening, we offer you a relaxing rendezvous at our caveau. Enjoy jazz music and a good glass of wine on the terrace or by the swimming pool with friends and family.

Free entrance - Reservation required via info@DomaineDesFeraud.com

The program for the rest of the year will be subject to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Jazz @ Féraud : Les Musicales dans les Vignes

2020 has been a special and difficult year for many of us, certainly for all artists and musicians. We were all the more happy that two first-class jazz ensembles, the Caroline Meyer Quartet (August 18) and the Suzanne Wognin Quintet (September 5), performed a concert with us.

Two wonderful evenings on pink deckchairs, under tall pine trees, facing the vines, accompanied by cicadas, the moon and the stars.

Next summer we will continue. For sure! We are already looking forward to your visit!

Féraud For the Little Ones  

Le Domaine des Féraud for the little ones and the whole family: Cooking classes and activities specially designed for children by the culinary blogger Sarahtatouille. Adults are invited to taste the wines ...

Prices: 15€ per child of 7 - 14 years old (+ 10€ for each additional child).
By reservation only via info@DomaineDesFeraud.com

The program for the rest of the year will be subject to the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Féraud Art, Musique & Littérature

Wine has always had its place in art and has inspired many painters, sculptors, musicians and writers.

Charlotte Bricault

For its 2020 exhibition, the Domaine des Féraud is proud to present the works of Charlotte Bricault. An exhibition to be "tasted" with our wines until the end of October.

Nourished by the academic precepts of horticulture and her artistic career as a ceramist, Charlotte Bricault's creations offer an experimental posture touching on sensations, memories and the unconscious. Combining the fragility of ordinary plants gleaned along her walks, and everyday objects reinvented through ceramics, the artist offers us a singular and symbolic dialogue. Fascinated by the freedom and strength of wild plants, the undesirable weeds of our urban landscapes, by their way of travelling and of establishing themselves in an uncontrollable way wherever they want, she makes them appear in the hollow of her ceramics, which have become receptacles of a dreamlike plant world, and whispers a new creative story.

"The earth is the essential element of my work, the earth that roots and the earth that is shaped by my hand...  I am inspired by the uncultivated landscapes of the roadsides, by this lush, fragile and ordinary nature... Wild plants interact with everyday objects that I choose for their symbolic and intimate power...I mainly use the plate technique...I pierce, hole, prick before firing... I plant gleaned leaves, seeds or branches. The ceramic pieces become the receptacle of the plant world. "Charlotte Bricault

Féraud for Gourmets   

For gourmets we organise cooking classes & dinners celebrating the arrival of summer or the end of the harvest at the estate.

Would you like to learn how to cook in harmony with food and wine at a winery? With friends or colleagues, wine lovers or just out of epicurean curiosity? Our courses are orchestrated by great chefs of the region who put their know-how within everyone's reach.

As soon as we can plan our calendar, we will inform you of new events here. In the meantime, here are some mouth-watering photos.

October 2018: Inauguration with Christian Boeuf (Bastide des Magnans / Vidauban) 

July 2019: Soirée Blanc, Bleu, Rosé with David & Noële Faure and their "cuisine moléculaire"

September 2019: Dinner and cooking class with Fritz Schilling, Bavarian multi-star chef

February 2020: Cabillaud & Coquillage, Crémeux de Langoustines, Compotée de Fenouil  created by Edith Peireira (Bastide des Magnans, Vidauban) for the presentation of our 2019 vintage 

More about wine tourism:

Your events@Féraud - Getaways for gourmets - Getaways for nature lovers -  Wine & Provence



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