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Our Team

To produce a terroir wine that combines grape varieties, climate and geology, it requires people and craftsmen. The more organic we are, the more we need analysis and the ability to combine traditional knowledge with a sense of innovation. The right time to harvest; controlling the fermentation; the art of blending to get the quintes- sence of the vintage each year.

Since the beginning of my third life, I have surrounded myself with very competent craftsmen to make my wine. JÉRÔME DUFFOUR, our Oenologist, PIERRE MOSSER, our cellar master, LAURENT AUBRY and his family team, our wine growers and Pauline SERGENT and CLÉMENT EMILE. Everyone has an intimate knowledge of the tasks they are responsible for. Together we have given birth to a more defined and expressive Féraud.

Pauline Sergent & Clément Emile  - Your contact persons

Pauline Sergent and Clément Emile are our young team on site and your contacts.

Pauline is responsible for the administration and resolves all management issues in our domain. She takes care of the house and garden, purchases and orders... in fact, almost everything. For our customers, Pauline is therefore also the person to contact for the fast, individual and correct processing of all orders.

Clément is the contact person for all our French business partners, whether they are restaurants, hotels, wine merchants or distributors. On site in Vidauban, he will be pleased to guide you through the cellar and to let you taste our wines in our Caveau de Vente. Of course, you can also contact Clément if you are interested in the international distribution of our wines.

Daniel Peraldi & Jérôme Dufour - Œnologues

"Our oenological approach is based on the enhancement of the terroirs and the winegrowers, far from any standardisation...We listen to the winegrowers, to their needs, to their objectives in order to produce high quality wines while preserving the soul of the producer and his vineyard."

Bouches du Rhone (13) Le Canet de Meyreuil, Daniel Peraldi, Oenologue dans son laboratoire // Bouches du Rhone (13) Le Canet de Meyreuil, Daniel Peraldi, Oenologist in his laboratory

Daniel Peraldi

Recognised as one of the best French oenologists, he has been advising us since the purchase of Domaine des Féraud 2011. President of the Œnologues de France, he taught us a lot. Even as his partner Jérôme Dufour has taken over the torch advising our Domaine, Daniel is still involved at the assemblage (the blending).

Jérôme Dufour

Jérôme is the President of Oenolyse Laboratoire d'Oenologie Daniel Peraldi and our consultant responsible for the quality of our wines. From planting to harvesting, including soil maintenance, pruning, disbudding, technical analysis, vinification and ageing of the wine: Jérôme provides us with analysis, competence and know-how. He also shares with us valuable experiences of other vineyards he advises.

Pierre Mosser - Maître de chai

A trained oenologist, Pierre is passionate about viticulture and wines. With a long experience in Languedoc-Roussillon, Rhone Valley and Provence, he teaches viticulture and oenology at the CFPPA of Hyères.

He collaborates with the Domaine des Féraud team and the Daniel Péraldi laboratory in the search for ever purer wines of excellence, respecting the terroir.

Laurent Aubry & Family - Viticulteurs

His motto: "There is no good wine without good grapes". Laurent is a son of a farmer, passionate and rigorous. With his family company he accompanies us throughout the year in the work of the vineyard.

Organic fertilization, reasoned pruning, faultless sanitary control and harvesting at optimal maturity, nothing escapes him. His love for work well done gives an exceptional quality to the grapes vinified at the Féraud.

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Welcome - History & Recognition - Our Vines - Our Rosés 

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